© Lena Treugut

I currently am studying photography at Lette Verein Berlin.
My work often revolves around people and their environment.
I am available for assignments and interested in collaborations.
Feel free to say hi!

Laurenz Bostedt
+49 151 462 482 09


Young Professional at Visum Agency
member of FREELENS e.V.

2018–2021 study of photography at Lette Verein Berlin
2017–2018 freelance work as stagehand
2016–2017 term abroad Yunnan University, Kunming
2014–2015 term abroad Fudan University, Shanghai
2012–2017 Regional Studies China and Business, University of Cologne

2020 European Month of Photography, Tribes, Berlin
2020 Futurama, The Noorderlicht International Photo Festival
2019 Intervention, Rathaus Schöneberg, Berlin
2019 Futur III, 48h Neukölln Art Festival, Berlin

Berliner Zeitung am Wochenende, DIE ZEIT
ZITTY, MOT Times, Einsichten Magazin,
Abgeordnetenhaus Berlin
United We Stream, Kater Blau, Blackcam Systems